Food & Drink

I’ve been working in and around the hospitality industry since I was a teenager, including 9 years in a restaurant in Paris, a year running the bar at university, a spell in illustrated cookbook PR, and countless corporate events. Knowing how kitchens and bars work, what to highlight, what to avoid, and most importantly, how to keep out of the way, helps inform my documentary photography for restaurants, bars, caterers and food suppliers. Pretty much every photo you see on this page was taken during service or preparation for a live event. Nothing’s set up. If you’re looking for a photographer who’ll spend hours with tweezers making a bowl of pasta look just perfect, that’s not me. If, on the other hand, you’d like to use photography or video to highlight the work that goes in to what you make, to document the processes, people, and ingredients that make your food exceptional, then get in touch!

I’ve recently been working in collaboration with Slow Food UK, making a series of short films focussing on exceptional suppliers who encapsulate Slow Food UK’s passion for local, sustainable and quality products that maintain important agricultural traditions. This is the first of the series, highlighting Heritage Cheese, Slow Food’s 2019 Cheesemonger of the Year:


Lardy Da pork pies – the finest pork pies I’ve ever tasted


Venissa, Venice